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Tips for Travelling while you are Pregnant.
Published By Mahabaleshwar Honnemadike on 2010-04-17 688 Views

Delivering a baby is described as rebirth to a woman as it is the crucial period in her life. It is most exciting time, and also the thrill of uncertainty. In these nine months' period she would experience the maximum changes in her body, both internally and externally. Some may obvious, and some are subtle. So, she should take utmost care about her health during the period.
As health experts feel, traveling could not be a problem for her. But, consult gynecologist before traveling as he/she is the best person to suggest whether it is alright for you to travel or not. All modes of transportation are advisable depending on her health condition, except bullock carts, and cycles. Traveling during second trimester is convenient to most of women, as it saves from the inconvenience of morning sickness, which might gets aggravated in combination with motion sickness. For woman having high risk pregnancy cycle, and any sort of cardiovascular problems traveling might not be a good option.
During travelling, wear loose, comfortable clothes and shoes. Carry a soft small pillow to rest your back on. Keep some healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit and cereal bars. Eat light meals. Avoid traveling alone; you may need help of others at any time. Keep a copy of your medical history for reference, in case of any emergency. Listen to your body needs. Don't ignore even the slightest of discomfort. Use clean, comfortable bathroom, and toilet.
The American college of obstetricians and gynecologists recommends women not to fly after their 36th week of pregnancy. If you are traveling to countries which have reported malaria or influenza cases, or the countries which require immunization, avoid travelling or take advice from doctor. Air travel may cause dehydration, drink plenty of fluids throughout the flight. Eat less salt contented food items which will help you to avoid bloating. Try to get seats with more leg room.

Taking an aisle seat would be a good option for easy movement to restrooms. 
Wear seat belt for safety, while traveling on car. Most important thing is wear it below the belly, never around or above it. Try to take small breaks after every one hour. Don’t forget to take some anti-fungal cream or pessaries for vaginal thrush in your bag which may require at any time.

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